Monday, March 06, 2006

Is Lying Wrong?

Lying seems like a straightforward concept, but for my purposes, it could use a quick definition. Using a basis of philosophers running from 300’s to the 2000’s, I propose that that lying, when I refer to it, means a purposeful misleading statement. This statement can be made through body language, verbally, implied by silence, or signaled by radio - any kind statement will do - but the deception must be intentional. On some level the liar must know the facts being conveyed are false; simple, misinformed statements are not truly lying.

With lying well defined, the obvious question is:

Is lying always wrong?

This question has plagued modern ethicists, but has also vexed religions for hundreds of years. Some religions claimed that if statements could be made in one's head that would make a lie true, then it was not actually a lie; the intention in one's head was clear, but misinterpreted by the other party. With this kind of logic I could claim, free of heart, that I do not study engineering, while secretly adding in my head "every night." Certainly it's true that I don't study engineering every night, but anyone told this would rightfully be confused. These kind of exceptions are one, fairly extreme end of the spectrum.

On the other end of the spectrum, St. Augustine, a Catholic monk from the late 300's, wrote prolifically on various moral dilemmas facing the religious faithful and population at large. It's through his writings that we first see the assertion that lying is always wrong, without exception. The Catholic Church is still a strong believer in the sin of lies, continuing to use Augustine's definitions of mortal and venial sins with respect to lies. In other words, Augustine defined a system where all lies are wrong, but some are more wrong then others still persists today.

The thought of all lies being wrong is a bit extreme for today's modern citizen. Several times a day we seem required to do things which are misrepresentations of the truth. We feign interest in the response to "How are you doing?" in order to prevent hurt feelings or prevent future awkward situations. It's almost inconceivable to answer no to simple questions about the quality of a haircut. These are lies oft justified in a daily existence, often not even consciously considered. Although St. Augustine would not agree, the majority of our society today seems to be justifying these lies somehow.

In conflict with the moral high ground of St. Augustine, but towards the middle of the spectrum, is utilitarianism. The basic tenet of utilitarian moral philosophy is to maximize net happiness. Applying this idea to lying, one can easily justify many of the smaller, daily lies, and perhaps some of the larger lies. These lies often save someone else pain, sheltering people from insults which would serve no purpose or maintaining healthy relationships. In the situation above regarding small talk, the lie does no damage to the person, while maximizing future benefit. Everyone seems to benefit from these little lies.

Or so it seems. Although the appearance is that everyone benefits, a few more factors can be taken into account to change the utilitarian conclusion. Perception to others seems to be the reason behind many of these small lies; we wish to appear “good” or “nice” people to others. The behavior mentioned, assuming all goes well, should yield that kind of result, but has the potential to backfire. If the lie recipient ever discovers the lie, the entire act of lying was worse than useless – it could actually be damaging. Not only would the person know your true thoughts, they would also feel betrayed by you, damaging trust, perhaps irreparably. Additionally, if one considers the habit of lying, by telling these small lies, we could be setting ourselves up for larger lies, developing habits that are ultimately bad for our credibility and status. When considered from a utilitarian perspective, the habit of lying or consequences of a revealed lie could tip the scales past neutral to lying producing a net unhappiness. Perhaps lying is never justifiable after all.

Is lying always wrong? If it is, why lie? If it isn’t, when is it right?

This post is based upon readings from Sissela Bok's "Lying : Moral Choice in Public and Private Life", St. Augustine's "To Consentius, Against Lying", and Joseph Margolis' "'Lying is Wrong' and 'Lying is not Always Wrong'".


Anonymous Cheryl said...

Definitely some things I've thought about a fair amount before . . . The class of things you call "lying" really get to me. I've blogged my irritation with the "How are you?" thing before. And a certain someone who has done the protective lying thing to me is lucky to still be capable of having children. I feel like it's a skill to be okay with not-whole truths and slants and spins. I've recently decided that I'm too idealistic for this world, because I often feel disappointed and hurt when I think something has been misrepresented to me. I don't think I've given up yet, or that I'm jaded, but I may be learning to work better with the realities of the world. Is that a contradiction?

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, to anonymous, perhaps a little extreme? Kimble, I am doing a paper for Ethics class and that is why I found and read your blog. I want say that you make many interesting points although you never do mention what your personal conclusion is, or, perhaps, it's between the lines and I am too obtuse to see it. I have a strong code of ethics, and have strong beliefs in which try tell myself that lying is wrong, period. But do any of us truly adhere to such ideals? I especially like your use of utilitarianism to debate the concept, and your are right in that based on this ethical standard, the result could swing either way. Anyway, I'm not much of a writer, so I'll end with that. I'm leaving my name and email for you, I don't the anonymous thing much, not sure if it is proper, guess I'll find out. Feel free to contact me. By the way, I'm working on a business degree now, when I graduate, I'm going to start working on a mechanical engineering degree, it has always interested me and I have had a lot of exposure through working in machine shops.
John H. Gouse

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